Brankko Siqueira

What is The Smokey Crow?

The Smokey Crow is a tale about Life and Death. Tell us about the man, his fears and his bravery. Tell us about surviving in a merciless thunderstorm. A dark land is not made by beasts, but men.

The idea came in 2014 when the composer Brankko Siqueira began creating songs with influences from old-west and a country sound, but more obscure.

Songs with a lot of dust, perversity, dry air, love and hope, besides the smell of tobacco and old drink. The name “The Smokey Crow” takes up the mystique that surrounds crows as beings traveling through the realms of the living and the dead, and, like all smoke, can not be imprisoned in any cage, in analogy to the duality and freedom of the human being.

Everyone needs to fly. Everyone tries to escape from their prisons.

Have a sit and a drink. Please, come and see!